Guided Tissue Regeneration To Save Your Teeth

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The Importance Of Healthy Bone Tissue To Dental Health

Advanced periodontal disease doesn’t only affect the gums — it also causes bone loss in the jaws, which increases the risk of tooth loss. After the tooth is gone, even more, bone loss will occur, providing less support for the surrounding teeth and endangering them. It’s a scary cycle. Luckily, in modern dentistry, there are techniques available to regrow that lost bone to provide support for teeth and dental implants. One of these techniques is guided tissue regeneration.

Benefits Of Guided Tissue Regeneration

Bone and gum tissue, when healthy, fit snugly around the roots of our teeth. Guided tissue regeneration helps to restore lost bone and give the support back to those roots, increasing the chances of a patient being able to keep their natural teeth. This procedure can involve bone grafting, tissue banks, or synthetic materials, with the goal of stimulating new bone growth.

How Can Our Doctors Help?

If you have been struggling with periodontal disease, you could be a candidate for guided tissue regeneration. Give us a call at 502-709-9430 or send us a email to schedule an appointment so that we can determine the best way forward for your dental health.