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We offer a wide scope of oral surgery services focused on improving and protecting your oral health. Having worked as your dentist in Louisville, KY as well as the surrounding areas for many years, we have established Magnolia Dental as a leader in solving oral health problems.

How Can We Help?

Our doctors and the entire staff at Magnolia Dental understand that dental procedures, especially dental surgery, can cause patients to become anxious. Other than anxiety some patients feel that their questions go unanswered but because we practice patient-centered care, all of our patients are treated like family. Our valued patients leave feeling confident that they’ve received the best possible oral surgery care.

What Types Oral Surgery Services Does Magnolia Dental Offer?

We’ve been serving the community of Louisville and are proud to have built lasting relationships with our community and look forward to building a great relationship with you. We focus and specialize in the following oral surgery procedures:

Facial Infections

A facial infection or dental abscess is an infected tooth or an infection under the gums, which leads to all kinds of problems if left untreated. These infections are extremely painful, often making it impossible to perform ordinary activities. Some of the problems they can cause are infection of the surrounding bone, tooth loss, soft tissue and sinus infection, and even life-threatening conditions such as septicemia (inflection of the entire bloodstream) and abscess of the brain. The sooner treatment begins, the better it will be for your teeth, gums, and jawbones.

Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery

Sometimes a patient may have a misaligned bite that cannot be solved by orthodontics. In this situation, the patient would receive corrective jaw surgery. This procedure may also be recommended if the patient has congenital abnormalities (birth defects) or to treat skeletal problems. If this is recommended, our doctors may suggest reshaping jawbones or repositioning jaws and teeth. It’s not uncommon to coordinate this procedure with the patient’s orthodontist.

Tooth Extractions

It is usually preferable to save a tooth through root canal therapy if possible, but sometimes the tooth is too damaged and it is best to extract it. If the tooth is impacted in the gumline (particularly common with wisdom teeth), if there are serious crowding issues, or if the tooth is too damaged, rotted, or loose to be saved with root canal treatment, our doctors may determine that extraction is the best option.

Many dentists do not offer extractions, but they can become necessary if teeth are overcrowded or misaligned. This process does not have to be extremely painful or long and drawn out. We take care of the extractions in a quick method that minimizes discomfort. After the recovery period is over, it will be time to begin taking the prosthodontic or orthodontic steps needed to fill in your smile.

Wisdom Teeth

Some people are lucky enough to have enough room for their wisdom teeth to grow in correctly, while others simply don’t get wisdom teeth in the first place. For those who do have some or all of their wisdom teeth but their jaws don’t have space for them, we may recommend extraction.

If your wisdom teeth have been bothering you, it may be time to take them out. Even if you haven’t felt them coming in, we’re able to spot troubled wisdom teeth in our digital X-rays. The best thing you can do is extract the teeth before they cause more damage to your mouth.

At Magnolia Dental in Louisville, we take extra care to make sure that our adult patients are comfortable and anxiety-free. After a consultation, we will recommend that you continue with your wisdom teeth until intervention is absolutely necessary. When it is necessary to remove your wisdom teeth, The doctor will recommend simple and pain-free surgery. Your health is our highest concern.

Magnolia Dental Can Help

If you are in the Louisville area and would like to receive a consultation, please give us a call at 502-709-9430 or send us a quick email. We look forward to serving you. You can learn more about our practice by checking our business page, and make sure to check the map for directions before you head to our Louisville location.