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Do You Feel Like You Missed Your Chance For Braces?

Are you embarrassed or self-conscious about your smile? If so, you’re not alone. Perhaps you’re one of the millions of adults who would love having straighter teeth, but you feel like you’ve missed the chance.

While many people are interested in orthodontic treatment, some feel trapped because they don’t want to wear metal braces as adults or they’re concerned that correcting the problem will be invasive or prohibitively expensive.

What Is Six Month Smiles?

Six Month Smiles® is a short-term orthodontic treatment that’s a modern twist on traditional orthodontics. This system has taken the best aspects of traditional braces and modified the materials and treatment to give adults an alternative cosmetic solution.

  • Typical treatment time is 6 months
  • The clear brackets and tooth-colored wires are hardly visible
  • Our patient tray kits ensure fast and comfortable appointments
  • The Six Month Smile system is usually less expensive than veneers or traditional braces

Magnolia Dental Offers Cosmetic Braces That Fit Your Lifestyle

Here at Magnolia Dental we are your lifelong oral healthcare partner. We’re determined to provide solutions that work for you. Now, there is an effective, safe, and affordable cosmetic braces solution that fits your lifestyle. Visit with us so we can answer your questions and determine if the Six Month Smiles system is right for you! Give us a call at 502-709-9430 or email us.